A Warm Welcome
Awaits You

A Shared Space Community for People and Artists Who Share the Traditional Tsalagi Values

A house with flowers growing in front of it.

Guest House in Boston, Massachusetts Since 1992

Using peacekeeper teachings and the call of creative artists to build community, the Black Indian Inn was founded upon a set of nine core Principles of Right Relations, which governs our interactions and relations, as well as those who visit the Inn.

Those Principles are:

  • 1 Speak truth;
  • 2 Speak of the good qualities of others;
  • 3 Be a confidant…say nothing behind one’s back you have not said to their face to face;
  • 4 Turn aside the veil of anger; no violence is tolerated;
  • 5 Waste not the bounty, want not;
  • 6 Respect all life;
  • 7 No harm;
  • 8 Harbor no thought of an angry nature;
  • 9 Do it now; if you see what needs to be done, do it.

Check out our blog for more details about our community events and news.

A Verdant Franklin Park Victorian residential elegance of the early 1900's  located near major transit lines
Two people are sitting in a room with a couch.
A building with grass and plants on the front of it.
A sign for the franklin park zoo.
A tunnel with trees and rocks on the side of it.
A concrete wall with trees in the background.
A street light and clock tower on the side of a road.
A building with a glass door and brick walls.
A map of the trail system with many trails.
A map of the city with a green line showing where to go.